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    Junior co's, low revenue, pink sheets, or research more

    • ABO Wind AG- WKN 576002, DE005760029, on auserborsen (over the counter) trades. can invest in windfarms at site, also bonds. German windparks. biomass.
    • Anemos Energy-invest at site, 250MW at 8 projects planned in Newfoundland Canada, using (see EU Energy) DeWind turbines.
    • Atlantic Wind + Solar Inc. no web, AWSL.PK, CDI windturbine from Centripetal Dynamics Inc. news.
    • Cascade Wind Corp Inc., CWDO on OTC.BB, no web, 0 income, Portland OR co, development stage co.
    • Catch the Wind Ltd-CTW.S on TSX.V, different from CCWIF on Pink?
    • Catch the Wind Inc, CCWIF on Pink, same as CTW.S on TSX.V?
    • Crownbutte Wind Power Inc., no web, CBWP on OTC, North Dakota co., builds and sells windfarms.
    • Far East Wind Power Corp., no web, FEWP on OTC, Phoenix Arizona co.
    • Finavera Ltd.- FVR on TSX.V, was-CSM.P on TSX.V (reverse takeover of Cascade Minerals Inc 06/2006). 150MW Three Hills Wind Project NE of Calgary in pre-construction. wind projects in Greece, Ireland, and (150+)366MW in Canada in planning stages. MOU to purchase 20MW windfarm in Germany. Also see-wave energy projects.
    • Greenwind Power Corp- GWDP.PK on OTC, Canadian co possibly planning a 25MW windfarm in Pincher Creek Alberta. Gained stock market access via combination with Optimal Ventures Incorporated (no web) NASDAQ OTC: OPVN.
    • Keewatin Windpower Corp, no web, KWPW on OTC, 2008 acquisition of Sky Harvest Windpower.
    • Nacel Energy Corp-NCEN on OTC, development stage co. (2010)
    • Orca Power Corp- OP on CNQ, investment in Katabatic Power Co, wind projects planned in BC, also tidal power interest.
    • Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc,
    • Sea Breeze Power- SBX on TSX.V, planned windfarms on Vancouver Island, BC. working on a high DC voltage Strait of Juan de Fuca Transmission Line.
    • Shear Wind Inc. no web. SWX on TSX.V Tier 2. Halifax co May 05 inc, acquires Vindt Resources with land rights in Alberta. 2008-3MW PPA with Nova Scotia government (X20 years), 1000MW of projects planned.
    • US WindFarming Inc.- USWF.PK, note: see for news of all sorts for this co.
    • Vitasti Inc-VITSE on OTC.BB, April 2006 off for not filing Form 10-KSB (financial report) troubles. small co, new to wind, jumps right in with see-Welwind- plans for 1000MW Guangdong Windfarm in China. has 50 year PPA and plans for one 1MW test turbine initially. this change of business direction may be one reason for the filing troubles.
    • Water Capital Inc-WCP.P on TSX.V, no web, see-Schneider Power.
    • Welwind-WWEI on OTCBB, to acquire 49% interest in 49MW project in China, check also see-Vitasi.
    • Wind Energy America Inc.-WNEA on OTC, formerly Dotronix Inc. -web points to there (May 2007), to purchase 4 windfarms in Minnesota, total 55MW from Northern Alternative Energy Inc. Also working with Boreal Energy with 1200MW in pipeline.
    • Wind Hydrogen Ltd-ticker, 15 August 2007 IPO.
    • WindStar AG- WKN 604290 Germany, over the counter. windpark builder. see HerMerlin, neither website working recently.
    • Windhoff AG, OGJI on AIM, ISIN: DE0007018509, not wind, locomotives.

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