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    Wind Electrics

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    Inverters/Power Electronics

    • ABB Ltd.- ABBN on Swiss Exchange SWX, ABB on OM Stockholm, ANN on London, ABJ on FSE, ABB on NYSE Windformer - wind farm power technology, tech partner in (now bankrupt) Zephyros turbines.
    • Active Power-WKN 502716 in Germany, ACPW on NASDAQ, flywheel energy storage system, Tasmania contract.
    • American Superconductor Corp-AMSC on NASDAQ, PowerModule (TM) wind turbine power converters for large (1.5MW) turbines to stabilize produced electricity. also AMSC Wires-HTS wires, and Super Machines-rotating machines with HTS wires. Jan 07 buys Windtec, an Austrian company that designs wind turbine electronics and electrical systems, jvs early 2007 for Windtec turbine tech to India, South Korea, and to develop 3MW + 5MW systems with Sinovel Wind Co of China.
    • Elspec, on Tel Aviv, equipment for stabilizing electricity flow from wind turbines.
    • Magnetek Inc.- MAG on NYSE, Marin wind power converters for synchronous permanent magnet generators, 2006- 60 ordered. also solar power inverters.
    • Maxwell Technologies-MXWL on NASDAQ, BOOSTCAP (R) Ultracapacitors, for backup energy storage and power delivery for Enercon 300kW to 6MW turbines for blade pitch system backup power.
    • Nisshinbo Industries Inc-code 3105 on TSE, also on Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo; large diversified co. not wind specifically but has developed an Ionic Liquid Capacitor good to -40 degrees, which would be usefull in the far north so is included here.
    • SatCon Technology Corporation- SATC on NASDAQ, 30-500kW inverters. grid integration components and system electronics. focus on LVRT-low voltage ride through solutions to stabilize low voltage solutions (becoming mandatory for old + new turbines).
    • Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd.-STG on TSX.V, has a small wind power inverter the Winergy 5, also has a Lloyds approved 250 kW vertical axis wind turbine design (and will work with some Chinese interests to build a test unit and commercialize it. -no news recently about this)- also has a 5 Kw Sunergy5 solar inverter being built in Spain, see solar.
    • Xantrex-XTX on TSX, 2008, bought by Schneider Electric (private)

    Battery Storage

    • NGK Insulators-5333 on TSE, NGKIF on OTC Pink, NAS battery developed with Tokyo Electric Power Co. special for high power wind turbines/wind farms applications.
    • VRB Power-VRB on TSX.V, VRBPF on OTC.PK, VNK on FSE, Vanadium Redox Battery Energy Storage System for Hydro Tasmania re windturbine.

    Transmission Lines

    • A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd-APWR on NASDAQ, distributed power systems, micro-power grids 5-400MW, gearboxes for GE China/GE Drivetrain, builds 2.7MW Fuhrlander turbines since June 09, 80/20 jv with Norwin for building 750kW turbines (expandable to 1.5MW), W2E Wind to Energy GmbH, also solar with acquiring Evatech, a designer + manufacturer of industrial equipment for amorphous-silicon (a-Si) PV panels.
    • Composite Technology Corp-CPTC on OTCBB, developer of high temp low sag aluminum conductors for transmission lines, replaces steel core cables, to relieve transmission line capacity restrictions, jv's with international cable manufacturing co's, one focus is on windfarm connection lines. 06/2006 acquired 100% of see EU Energy for $60.7M, EU Energy makes the DeWind turbines.
    • General Cable Co-BGC on NYSE, makes cables for offshore windfarms.

    This page last updated August 2008.