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NOTE: Burning gargbage is not considered 'alternative power'.

On this page one finds companies that make power from landfill gas, wood waste biomass, and waste plastic to fuel.

  • Systech-info about burning hazardous + non-hazardous waste as fuel in cement kilns.
  • WHA UTILITIES AND POWER PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED-WHAUP on SET, IPO 10 April 2017, industrial solar rooftop developer, other large power, Chonburi Clean Energy 8.63MW under constructiion. not clear the kind/source of the waste.
  • TPI POLENE POWER PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED-TPIPP on SET, IPO April 5, 2017, cement, industrial, and waste to power - not sure what kind of waste, also coal power. website banner claims "Clean and Green Renewable Energy" [?]


    • Energy Developments Ltd-ENE on ASX, landfill gas power, remote area power, coal mine methane power.
    • Maxim Power Corp.-MXG on TSX.V, Gift Lake flared gas power production. also biomass/landfill gas power, co-gen, Majority of revenue is from diesel electric operations in Cambodia.
    • Novera Energy- NVE on ASX, 79MW at 40 sites in UK, 50% of Novera Macquarie Renewable Energy Ltd which bought out landfill assets of United Utilities Green Energy in UK. TXU owns +20% of Novera. formerly Primergy.
    • Viridis Clean Energy Group-VIR on ASX, 31MW landfill gas at 6 sites in Texas, plus 33 landfill gas power plants in portfolio. see also wind.
    • Waste Management Inc-WMI on NYSE, Think Green
    • Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group-xxx on TSE, Kawasaki Plant Systems to build Hofu City Clean Center in Hofu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.


    • Note: refers to wood waste that is a byproduct of some other process, not the burning of wood in general. Power from burning wood is not considered green power in most ERC systems. (exceptions: Michigan and the first power generator certified under Canada's then new EcoLogo system for a facility in Whitecourt Alberta). Wood waste is a maybe but would need a 'Source-of-Origin' label.
    • ENGO and Conservation Group Outreach on Biomass-report by the Pembina Institute
    • Boralex Inc.- BLX.A, BLX.DB on TSX, operates a power station in Ecuador that takes flared gas to make power, also has hydro and wastewood power plants in Canada and USA. also wind in France (Chepy windfarm). 2010 to buy see-Boralex Power Income Fund.
    • Boralex Power Income Fund- BPT.UN on TSX, ten generating stations in Quebec and USA, biomass, co-gen, hydro. 2010 to be bought by see-Boralex Inc.
    • China EnerSave-531 on SIN Singapore, has 3 biomass to energy plants, to build 20 in China. Carbon Credits deal with EcoSecurities.
    • Drayton Valley Power Income Fund- was DVA.UN on TSX, bought by Algonquin Power Income Fund (APF.UN on TSX) 2001. indep. hydro and wastewood power producer. Financial troubles in 2001.
    • Energy Developments- ENE.AX on Australian Exchange, waste to energy projects.
    • Environmental Power Corp- EPG on AMEX, biomass.
    • formerly - Renewable Energy Corp- formerly REL.AX on ASX, Australia, waste to energy converters for industrial on site power production.


    • Rice husk biogas system in India-Author(s): Ankur Paliwal, Off-grid biomass plants light up villages; experts demand clarity on tariff regulation
    • Tromso Co.- ‘based in Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan, developed a process for preparing non-fossil, solid fuel, called Momigalite, using rice husks, and in the fall of 2008, started selling the Momigalite manufacturing machine. The machine, known as a Grind Mill’ from- JFS WEEKLY DIGEST, 4 - 10 Jun. 2013



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