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PV Installers/Off-Grid

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Residential PV Installers

Off Grid Systems

Solar Water Pumping

Solar Water Desalination

  • WorldWater & Solar Technologies- no longer with a market listing. April 2009 Mr. Quentin T. Kelly (former CEO of WWAT) purchases the Name and product line and technology of Mobile MaxPure(R) Solar Water Purification Systems. formerly was part of see-Entech Solar, ENSL onn OTC.BB, and before name change January 29, 2009, was WWAT.OB on OTC.BB. Solar water pump systems for remote and rural locations. proprietary tech can power a 1000Hp motor with solar.
  • see also Water page for non-solar desalination co's.

    Solar Streetlights

      Engo Planet- Smart Solar Streetlight

    Solar Hydrogen

    Off-Grid Links

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