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  • Note that the terms ‘earth energy’ and ‘geothermal’ can both be in reference to ground source heat exchange systems, whereas ‘geothermal’ can equally apply to both shallow earth energy heat exchange and deep systems , whereas earth energy heat exchange generally does not refer to deep hot zone technologies. For shallow zone earth energy heat exhange geothermal please click here.
    • Ashmore, UK co invested in Philippines
    • Calpine Corporation- CPN on NYSE, has geothermal power plants (900 MW). big company, geothermal only a small part. 2003 Geysers Research Project injects (treated) wastewater from Santa Rosa California to increase production.
    • Chevron, since 1980's has two geothermal power plants on Java, Indonesia. 2007 building 110MW Darajat III in Garut, West Java.
    • formerly, Continental Ridge Resources Ltd.- KRI on TSX.V, in northern Nevada. not listed/no web Jan 05.
    • Crew Development Corp- CRU on TSX, CRU on Oslo, CRWVF on US OTC (NASDAQ?), KNC on FFT, CRU on Pacific,- mining company, owns 87% of (see) NPP.
    • ENRO Energie SE-EEO on FSE, March 2009 IPO, design and construction of geothermal power plants.
    • First Gen, Philippines
    • Geodynamics- GDY on ASX, Cooper Basin Hot Fractured Rock project.
    • Kinden Corp- Code 1944 on TSE, integrated systems engineering in fields of communication, energy, and environment. 80 MW in Iceland.
    • Magma Energy Corp-MXY on TSX, $100M IPO July 7 2009 close, operates 1 geothermal plant in Nevada, has others in development and planning.
    • MHI-ticker on TSE, 3000MW total built worldwide. consortium of MHI + Balcke-Deurr of Germany to build 180MW of geothermal plants for Reykjavik Energy of Iceland.
    • Nevada Geothermal Power Inc.- NGP on TSX.V, NGLPF on OTC.BB, focus on western USA.
    • formerly, North Pacific GeoPower Corp- NPP on TSX.V, NPPWF on OTC, note trouble with website. studying to develop Meagre Creek area, 170km N of Vancouver. not listed/no web Jan 05.
    • Ormat Technologies-ORA on NYSE, geothermal power plants.
    • Polaris Geothermal- GEO on TSX, (January 18, 2007 moved up from TSX.V) Has 2 X 5MW units running of 66MW San Jacinto Tizate project in Nicaragua. October 2009 bought by see-Ram Power.
    • Ram Power Corp-RPG on TSX, Nevada Co, bought see-Polaris Geothermal, Western Geo-Power Corp, + 2010-Sierra Geothermal.
    • Raser Technologies-RZ on NYSE Arca, drills for geothermal in Utah.
    • SMC Power Public Company Limited-SMC on BKK, waste to biogas
    • Technip-TEC on EPA, big O&G firm, geothermal.
    • Thai Luxe Enterprises Plc- TLUXE on BKK, feedstock company with geothermal and wind


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