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Natural Capital Declaration

  • event-Global Landscapes Forum-Dec 6-7, Lima
  • event-Innovation Forum-28-29 Oct, 2014, London, How business can tackle deforestation, -Collaborate effectively with suppliers and NGOs, understand policy and enforcement trends
  • event-Forests Asia Summit- May 5-6, 2014, Jakarta
  • Natural Capital Declaration
  • The NCD Roadmap- UNEP FI, May 2013
  • Global Canopy Programme


    • APP-Asia Pulp and Paper, Indonesia
    • Ayen Enerji AS-AYEN on IST (Istanbul), power co-2 hydro, 2 windfarms-Caypinar + Korkmaz, also forest replanting
    • Caraustar Industries- CSAR on NASDAQ, paperboard and plastic recycling.
    • Concert Industries Ltd.- CNG on TSX.V, air-laid paper products - less effluent waste.
    • Domtar Inc.- DTC on TSX, NYSE, EarthChoice paper. Huge paper producer that is making huge efforts in practices and products.
    • Earth Sanctuaries-on Bendigo Stock Market, world's first listed conservation company. note: some financial troubles to start 2002.
    • FedEx Corporation- FDX on NYSE, for changing all its envelopes to recycled paperboard source.
    • Forest Bonds-Global Canopy Project, CDP and Forest Disclosure Project merge June 2012
    • Hitachi Construction Machinery Co-has sold 100 carbon-offset forestry machines.
    • Home Depot- HD on NYSE, hardware, no lumber from old growth forest policy. , 2 year $380,000 grant to the Forest Stewardship Council to develop a global forestry registry that will help co's asure they purchase wood that is harvested in an environmentally responsible manner. Home Depot does not buy 'old growth' harvested wood, and this effort shows they have more interest in this.
    • Kimberly-Clark-KMB on NYSE, August 2009 and Greenpeace agree to historic measures to protect Canada's Boreal Forest.
    • Kinkos- does not use old growth forests in its paper products.
    • Lowe's- LOW on NYSE, London, Pacific. hardware, no lumber from old growth forest policy.,
    • Maple Leaf Reforestation-MPE on TSX, grows seedlings in greenhouse in China for reforestation.
    • (Precious Woods)-(PRWN on SWX Switzerland), (-)indicates one needs to do ones research- sustainable forest management in 3000Km2 in Brazil, and Costa Rica. In Costa Rica the co reforests pastureland with teak trees. Teak in it's natural growth state is spread out- Teak as grown on the new Costa Rican treefarms that look like orchards is harmful to the soil as a concentration of fallen teak leaves acidizes the soil excessively (apparently nature has a reason for naturally spacing teak trees with large distances inbetween). This info from a farmer and others in Costa Rica who are not in favour of the concept of growing Teak in plantation style land use systems because of what it does to the soil.
    • PRT Forest Regeneration Income Fund- PRT.UN on TSX, forest seedling growing business.
    • Rio Tinto has a [2005] 750,000 tons/year Ilmenite (TiO2) mine in Madagascar that involves cutting down some of the last rainforest in Madagascar. The issue is well presented on the website. Would need to be a mining engineer/geologist to know if there were no better sources of TiO2 available globally, and more of a specialist on TiO2 to understand if tearing down a rainforest could be justified environmentally.
    • RONA, FSC lumber, 2008
    • Staples, to phase out paper products made from wood from endangered forests.
    • Straight Plc-STT on AIM London, supplies recycle containers, recycles pallets.
    • Tamil Nadu Newsprint + Papers Ltd-531426 on BOM, wood-free bagasse-based paper, 28MW wind.
    • TD Financial Group-TD on TSX, TD Forests project, to reduce to zero net paper useage by preserving forests. see also-Globe and Mail-June 12, 2012, "New Partnership Protects Critical Forest Habitat"
    • Unilever Plc-on London, US, agreed with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil in their call for a moratorium on deforestation for palm oil.
    • WorldWideGreen-not on markets, can invest in teak tree reforestation. not sure if this is plantation style 'reforestation' or not, see-Precious Woods note.


    • bonds-
    • Forest Bonds-CDP and Forest Disclosure Project merge June 2012
    • February 2012, “Ireland has become the first country in the world to recognise forest carbon credits in its tax regime – paving the way for the issuance of forest bonds, according to a leading banker”.
    • IFC Forest Bonds Factsheets