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ETFs- Exchange Traded Funds


  • Of Note: One cannot 'buy' an Index. Some Indexes have a 'ticker' and are listed on various stock markets but one cannot 'buy' this ticker symbol, such being for reference purposes only. Some firms offer ETFs based on the ticker or on an unlisted Index which one can invest in. This list of ETFs is only basic and not a comprehensive list. The rapid growth of popularity of ETFs means that this page will not be an up-to-date list.
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    SRI ETFs

    • SRI-iShares KLD Domini 400 Social Index-DSI on AMEX, a Barclays iShares index ETF based on index developed by KLD Research & Analytics Inc in 2006.
    • SRI-iShares CDN Jantzi Social Index ETF-XEN on TSX, a May 2007 Barclays iShares index ETF based on Jantzi Social Index
    • SRI-KLD Domini 400 Social Index-developed by KLD Research & Analytics Inc in 2006 based on Domini's SRI Fund selections. also called DS 400 Social Index. in 2007 the index is basis for SRI focussed ETFs- Barclays iShares KLD 400 Social Index ETF (Nov 06)-DSI on AMEX, Green Century Equity Fund ETF (Nov 06), Northern Trust's NTGISRI Large Cap Equities Index Strategy ETF.
    • Pax World ETF's

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