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  • "Conservation is the quickest, cheapest, most practical source of energy" President Jimmy Carter, April 18, 1977.

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    • event-InfraMation 2015-May 12-14, Nashville
    • Apple-AAPL on NASDAQ, efficient running laptops.
    • ATCO-ACO.X and ACO.Y on TSX, gas and power distribution co, has energy audit service.
    • Bajaj Electricals-500031 on BOM, CFL bulbs 280 million units annually.
    • Bglobal-BGBL on London AIM, smartMETERs.
    • China Energy Savings Technology, -was CESV on NASDAQ, trading halt Feb 15, 2006, May 19-delisted, failed to meet NASDAQ continued listing requirements.
    • Comverge Inc.-COMV on NASDAQ, remote power control demand response products and controls.
    • CSG Holding Co. Ltd-code 200012 and 000012 on Shenzen, makes high purity polysilicon material for electronics and solar industries, 1500 tonnes/year phase one, 5000 tonnes/year projected. also makes auto glass, and Low-E Insulating Glass for energy savings.
    • Duke Energy-DUK on NYSE, Large power co, to install 800,000 see-Echelon smart meters, also MOU with China Huaneng Group to explore a variety of renewable and other clean-energy technologies, also has 375MW wind.
    • Eaton Corporation-ETN on NYSE, electrical power saving products.
    • Echelon Corporation-ELON on NASDAQ, intelligent power products and controls including demand response. LonWorks Infrastructure. remote control of streetlights and anything else resulting in power savings.
    • Electric City Corp- ELC on AMEX, electric lights Energy Saver for industry.
    • Enbridge Gas-ENB on TSE, big oil/gas pipeline co with wind and solar farms also Industrial Energy Solutions services and consultants
    • EnerNOC Inc.-ENOC on NASDAQ, power grid demand response control system.
    • FLIR- FLIR on NASDAQ, thermal imaging cameras for detecting heat loss.
    • Fuji Electric Holdings Co. Ltd.- code 6504 on Tokyo, 7MW now- 30MW by 09 flexible amorphous silicon cells manufacturer. plus LonWorks partnership with Echelon.
    • Google -REHannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Inc-HASI on NYSE, April 2013 IPO, commercial REITs integrating energy efficiency, PV, BIPV.
    • HP -Hewlett Packard installs 1MW SunPower solar system at San Diego facility, gives employees $4000 rebate for home systems, IT centre initiatives.
    • IBM-IBM on NYSE, smart grid electronics. -Big Blue spending $1Billion for 'Big Green' initiative regarding green data centres. see also Smarter Planet.
    • Invensys-IVSY on LON, IVNYY ADR on OTC, Wonderware software with see-Echelon for LonWorks.
    • Jiangxi Lianchuang Photoelectron, 600363 on Shanghai, LED lights.
    • Johnson Controls Inc-JCI on NYSE, building efficiency and control tech.
    • Kansai Paint Co- 4613 on TSE, 2011 develops a paint with high solar reflectance that can cut power costs 40%.
    • Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co-3764 on TSE, has developed a high efficiency thermal storage system- can store heat energy from low + medium temperature waste heat and transport it by truck to a faraway destination where the heat can bring water to 90 degrees again. used erythritol as storage material.
    • Matsushita Electric Works Ltd.-(now Panasonic?) 6991 on TSE, NYSE ADR: MC - jv on nanotech based solar cells with Nanosys-nano level pv. Matsushita also makes solar/wind hybrid lights., Oct 2007 will have device for sale which monitors energy consumption for each branch circuit in domestic electrical system.
    • NTT Data Corp-9613 on TSE, service to design energy efficient data centres.
    • Panasonic Electrical Works Co-ticker, device that elliminates stanby power consumption without having to unplug appliances.
    • Philips Electronics, ticker, LED lights.
    • Powercold- PWCL on OTCBB, energy efficient products.
    • Power Efficiency Corp-PEFF on OTCBB, ESAVE Technology and Power Genius soft start system for AC induction motors, variable load motors such as escalators.
    • Power Integrations Inc.-POWI on NASDAQ, energy efficient power supplies with EcoSmart technology for power supplies with peak to continuous ratios up to 3:1
    • Streetlight Intelligence Inc-SLQ on TSX.V, Lumen SIMS products, remote control of streetlights.
    • Surya Roshni Ltd-500336 on BOM, tube lights with 5-star rating from Bureau of Energy Eficiency in India
    • Thermal Energy International Inc-TMG on TSX.V, industrial energy evaluations and solutions.
    • TIR Systems-TIR on TSX, lighting products-LEDs + OLEDs
    • Toshiba-6502 on TSE, large nuclear and electronics firm, also is working with Echelon's LonWorks on smart cities projects, also, minor for a co this size but has a small 400 Watt VAWT/solar/battery micro-power generator combo "Wind Flower"
    • Toyota- TM on NYSE, Toyota Motor Corp + Toyota Housing Corp. -Home Energy Management System with Power Storage Function for 2011.


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