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  • Note that the terms ‘earth energy’ and ‘geothermal’ can both be in reference to ground source heat exchange systems, whereas ‘geothermal’ can equally apply to both shallow earth energy heat exchange and deep systems , whereas earth energy heat exchange generally does not refer to deep hot zone technologies. For deep zone geothermal please click geothermalhere.

    • ATCO-ACO.X and ACO.Y on TSX, gas and power distribution co, has installed a 15-ton system in Viking, Alberta.
    • Daikin Group-6367 on TSE, DKILF on OTC.PK, Heat Pumps, AC systems, Flourine based chemicals. in UK with see-Wolseley.
    • Fedders Corporation-FJC on NYSE, water source heat pumps, factory in China with WFI.
    • Free Energy International Inc-FFX on TSX.V, heat exhangers
    • Geodynamics-GDY on ASX, Australian co with a borehole underground heat exchanger project.
    • Imperial Plastech Inc-IPQ on TSX, plastic tubing for heatpumps.
    • Lechwerke-LEC on FSE, a utility in Germany with heat pumps on home page.
    • LSB Industries Inc-LXU on NYSE, Climatemaster geothermal heat pump system.
    • PowerCold Corp-PWCL on OTCBB, HVAC, heating, vent, AC, agreement with WFI.
    • WFI Industries Ltd.-WFI on TSX, heat pumps and air conditioning units.
    • Wolseley plc-WOS on LON, WOSLY ADR on OTC, AC co. Energy4Life Renewables Package with see-Daikin for earth energy heat pumps.


    • Deep Earth Plans Geothermal Plant Amid Canadian Oil Wells-Andrew Herndon, Bloomberg, June 03, 2013, Deep Earth Energy Production Corp, Saskatchewan, Canada
    • Indonesia Allocates $302 Million to Back Geothermal Exploration-by Fitri Wulandari, Bloomberg, June 20, 2013
    • event-IGSHPA-October 27-28, 2010, Denver, Colorado, Technical Conference & Expo.
    • RETScreen- Ground Heat Exhchanger Tool.
    • Canadian GeoExchange Coalition (CGC)-formed 2006 to promote ground source heat pump systems with industry training and CGC certification in Canada. (note that to be eligible for the EcoENERGY Retrofit - Homes program rebate, the system must be CGC certified, -a CGC certified geoexchange system has to be designed and installed by CGC accredited professionals and a CGC qualified firm.)
    • Drake Landing Solar Community-Okotoks, Alberta borehole thermal (underground heat) energy storage and district heat distribution system project. 2007 had construction 99% complete and one year of underground heating (estimate 5 years to function as projected). is a combo solar thermal X earth heat storage system.
    • Earth Energy Society of Canada- early (1999 or earlier) promoter of earth energy systems in Canada, good news site. since 2006 has had an unfortunate legal action under the 'geoexchange' trademark, settled in 2009.
    • Jargon Watch: GeoExchange, on TreeHugger.
    • Lakeland College-Vermillion Alberta offers a full semester Geoexchange (TM?) training course.
    • NAIT-Edmonton, Alberta, college, GEO101 - Geothermal Installation, heat pump course endorsed by the Alberta Geothermal Energy Association and IGSHPA-International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, and GEO102 - Plastic Fusion for Geothermal..
    • CanGEA-Canadian Geothermal Energy Association. (hot zone deep geothermal, not shallow ground source earth energy)
    • CSA Standard C448.2 - Design & Installation of Earth Energy Systems for Residential and other Small Buildings.
    • IGSHPA- International Ground Source Heat Pump Association. based at Oklahoma State University. new text book- 'Ground Source Heat Pump Residential and Light Commercial Design and Installation Manual' available July 2009.
    • AGEA-Alberta Geothermal Energy Association.
    • Geothermal Industry Portal.
    • US$350M from DOE as part of US Recovery Act for earth energy businesses.
    • EcoEnergy-Canadian program.
    • Ecoaction-EcoENERGY Initiative in Canada.
    • EcoENERGY grants-Retrofit program grants available ($4,375 per new system)
    • soils & resistivity &316etc-AWWA Journal, vol 104, Number 2, p.60, Feb 2012, issue on conservation