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  • Carbon Accounting


    • Carbon Farmer-Emerald Award for planting trees and issuing carbon credits, Alberta, Canada.
    • Europe Votes To Rescue Emissions Trading Scheme- Tildy Bayar, Associate Editor, Renewable Energy World, July 03, 2013
    • CFOs in climate change hotseat- by Roger Adams, Friday, August 3rd, 2012
    • The Carbon Price – Accounting for Carbon- Deloitte report regarding July 2012 regulations in Australia
    • IFAC- Assurance on a Greenhouse Gas Statement, Sept 2013 onwards
    • IFAC News- IAASB Proposes Assurance Standard to Strengthen Reporting on Greenhouse Gases, Jan 11, 2011
    • Green Accounting: Setting a Standard for Assurance-Published: April 07, 2010 in Knowledge@Australian School of Business, UNSW, Australia
    • Accounting under the IASB and FASB for emissions trading-Ernst & Young report, 2009
    • Financial Accounting, Taxation for Carbon Revenue, Legal Issues in CDM, Carbon Transactions & Executing ERPA-by CA. Manindra K. Tiwari, FCA, CS., TIWARI & MISHRA, Chartered Accountants, 10th July 2009, Carbon Minus India (CMI)
    • FASB/IASB 2008 Agenda Paper- discussing ‘cap and trade’ vs ‘baseline and credit’ emissions trading schemes
    • International Accounting Standards Board
    • AgCert International plc-bought by AES in 2008, AES on NYSE, was AGC on LSE, Certified Emission Reductions from building methane capture projects on large farm operations. Has picture of melting polar ice cap on home page.
    • ASX, Australian Securities Exchange is planning to list futures and options for RECs and CO2 pollution permits. October 2008 news.
    • Cargill- large grain/feed co with investment in EcoSecurities.
    • Camco International Ltd-CAO on AIM London, April 2006 IPO, Jersey, UK, head office. Russia and China focus, Feb 06 acquire carbon asset developer Camco AG/China-focused carbon busines CleanWorld Energy Ltd.
    • Carbon Trust Investments Clean Energy Fund-Autumn 2006 IPO on AIM?, UK govt funded co.
    • Climate Exchange Plc-CLE on AIM London, CXCHY.PK + CXCHF.PK on OTC.PK, August 2008 to establish a Level 1 ADR programme traded OTC. the Chicago Climate Exchange- USA emissions trading market. of note: derivatives possible. 2005 recorded trade turnover of 1,779,700 tons
    • Citigroup, has investment in carbon offset co.
    • CO2 Australia, web, ticker. see-CO2Group Ltd.
    • CO2 Group Ltd-COZ on ASX, COPLF.PK, carbon sequestration via mallee eucalypus plantings.
    • CO2 Solutions Inc-CST on TSX.V, recycling CO2 via enzyme conversion based tech.
    • CO2 Tech-CTTD on OTC, UK co,
    • Direct View Inc- DRVW on OTCBB, bought out by see GS Energy Sept 20, 2006, to take see GS Carbon public, Sept 2006...or...DirectView buys 100% of GS Carbon from GS Energy in exchange for 85% of DirectView shares.
    • Ecolutions-MLECO on EPA Paris, December 2008 IPO, carbon projects and trading.
    • Econergy International Plc-bought out by see-Suez July 2008, was ECG on AIM London, investment, management, consulting, projects. receives carbon credits for projects.
    • EcoSecurities Group PLC-ECO on AIM London, consultant and developer of projects, receiving carbon credits from such. projects in 20 countries.
    • GS Carbon- DRVW on OTCBB Sept 20, 2006, see Direct View, see GS Energy, emissions trading co with 10% interest in Sterling Planet and 10% in Terra Pass (see INSEQ)
    • GS Energy- GSEG on NASDAQ OTC, majority held subsidiary of see GreenShift, build own + operate biomass derived energy facilities. subsidiary see GS Carbon to be on market via takeover of see Direct View.
    • GreenShift Corp-GSHF on OTCBB, majority shareholder in see INSEQ, see GS Energy, and GS Agrifuels.
    • INSEQ Corp-INSQ on OTCBB, 04/2006 acquires GreenShift's stakes in Sterling Planet, Terra Pass, and various clean energy pre-revenue companies. GreenShift is majority shareholder.
    • JP Morgan acquires Climate Care, carbon offsets firm, developer of emissions cutting projects.
    • Low Carbon Accelerator-LCA on London AIM, Sept 2006 IPO, fund management co. founder previously with Wind Energy, a co bought by AES see wind.
    • Merrill Lynch, has investment in carbon offset co. + Green+Gold carbon offset service.
    • Montreal Stock Exchange-2008 merger with TSX, has subsidiary Montreal Climate Exchange (MCeX) jv with Chicago Climate Exchange.
    • Morgan Stanley, has investment in carbon offset co.
    • Shiga Bank-8366 on TSE, Loans for Eco-Friendly Firms, carbon offset initiative.
    • Solar Energy Ltd-SLRE on OTC.BB, not solar, via subsidiary Planktos has ERCs from Plankton and ERC sales.
    • Suez Energy South America - bought see-Econergy July 2008.
    • Trading Emissions PLC-TRE and TREC on London, emissions trader including US Sulphur and GHG emission credits. investors include Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Investco Perpetual UK Investment.
    • Voltalia-MLVLT on EPA Euronext Paris, 05/2006 IPO, RE power co and carbon credit trading
    • World Energy Solutions-WEGY on OTC, no web, power saving products, Florida address. similar name to see next.
    • World Energy Solutions Inc D-XWE on TSX, operates an online carbon trading platform., Worcester MA address.
    • XL Tech Group Inc- XLT on AIM, ISIN USU984051008, 43% of see AGCert.

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    • JNEC- has been selling the certificates in Japan since fiscal 2001. the Green Power Certification System of Japan Natural Energy Company (JNEC).
    • Energiedienst Holding AG-code EDHN on SWF (Switzerland), energy retailer, sources wind, solar, hydro- choose either 10% or 100% RE energy packages.
    • formerly Enershare Technology Corporation, ERT on TSX-V, also formerly Green Grid, bankrupt June 04.
    • Sony to use 15.5 Million kWh Natural Energy through "Green Power Certificate" May 2007.
    • Voltalia-MLVLT on EPA Euronext Paris, 05/2006 IPO, RE power co and carbon credit trading
    • WindMade- 2011 consumer label for companies sourcing 25% of power from wind.

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