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  • Biodiesel and now Ethanol are complicated topics. There is 'green' biodiesel/ethanol and 'not green' biodiesel/ethanol, the distinction depending on two equally important considerations. First the power source used to make the fuel (ie there is no gain of net energy in making the fuel, one is only converting energy from a plant into a liquid which then can be used in locomotion, a very energy intensive process), and so it depends on if the electric power being used comes from a coal or nuclear fired electric plant or wind/green power to make the fuel. Secondly, the fuel could not be considered 'green' if the crops being converted were GM crops. To find a Biofuels investment that would pass a rigid environmental screening would take some research. Basically one needs to assume that it is not, until research into management and power and crop sources proves otherwise. The topic is popular however in regards to basic oil addiction issues, so it is maybe SRI but generally not 'green'. Making biofuel out of recycled cooking oil is an example of a 'green' biofuel, example- China Biodiesel, depending on the electric power source. Also there are food/fuel issues and forest/cropland issues. Complicated. Best be to buy a bicycle. included here is only a short and not comprehensive list.
  • Sarasin warns investors on biofuels: Biofuels-transporting us to a fossil-free future-Bank Sarasin July 2006.
  • World Bank firmly blames biofuel boom for food price rises. 30 July 2008.
  • and....Trade Wars between the USA and Europe over biodiesel exports?

    • Tier 1 List
    • China Biodiesel, CBI on LSE AIM, 30 June 2006 IPO, spent corn oil and animal fats to biodiesel. recycled oil program.
    • Gekkeikan-ticker, Sake brewer in Japan has developed a bioethanol from non food plants process.
    • Gushan Environmental Energy Ltd- GU on NYSE, December 21 2007 IPO, uses vegetable oil offal and used cooking oil to make biodiesel.
    • Energy Absolute Public Company Limited-EA on SET [previously listed on this site as EAM on SET, potentially a typo], 63MW PV power plant in Nakonsawan using see-ReneSola Virtus II PV panels, 4x solar farms, also wind, biodiesel, ev, batteries
    • Enerkem-NRKM on NASDAQ, IPO Feb 3, 2012, wastes to biofuels
    • McDonald's-powers fleet with cooking oil in the UAE
    • Renewable Energy Generation Limited-RWE on London AIM, buys Ontario wind developer AIM PowerGen Corporation of Canada 2600MW for C$29M. + UK co with 24 projects from see-RWE subsidiary nPower Renewables.
    • Petrobras-Brazilian state owned oil co. to make biodiesel from sewage oils and fats, November 5, 2008.
    • Tier 2 List: need more research to determine if 'green' or not.
    • if one burns 0.95 barrels of biodiesel to convert a truck load of grain into 1.0 barrels of biodiesel to burn in the tractor that harvests the grain to bring to the refinery, does the math work?
    • Biofuels- BFC on LSE AIM, UKs largest producer of biodiesel
    • D1 Oils- DOO on LSE AIM, UK based global producer.
    • Dynamotive- DYMTF on NASDAQ OTCBB
    • Green Oasis Environmentaal Inc.- GRNO on NASDAQ other OTC, biodiesel.
    • Nevest AG- WKN 548815 on Frankfurt, biodiesel. INSOLVENT in 2003.
    • Pacific Ethanol-PEIX on NASDAQ, in addition to ethanol the company sells co-products generated from the production of ethanol, including wet distillers grain and CO2 for use in food + beverage industry.
    • Praj Industries- Code 522205 on BSE, Code PRAJINDEQ1 on NSE, Ethanol Plants, Effluent Treatment Systems.


    • Making biodiesel
    • Alberta Biodiesel Association
    • February 2012, Alberta - Bioenergy producer Credit Program, $444M over three years. Jatropha
    • Biodiesel Magazine
    • Biorefining Magazine
    • Biofuels-producers list.
    • CD Howe Institute-'Going Green for Less: Cost-Effective Alternative Energy Sources', biofuels an expensive way to reduce CO2.
    • Cellulosic biofuel info
    • Communicrop-Alberta Canada co building on-farm biodiesel plants.
    • FFDP-Forest Footprint Disclosure Project, annual Global Forest Footprints Report, includes info on forests torn down to make room for biofuel crops.
    • informative blog
    • Journey to Forever Biofuel page
    • Make Biodiesel-make your own.
    • PlantDrive-buy kits to convert your diesel to biodiesel.
    • Scientific American-"Surging Food Prices and Global Stability", by Jeffrey D. Sachs, June 2008
    • The Great Africa Land Grab-by Phip Bloomer, Oxfam, in Resurgence & Ecologist, November/December 2012

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