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Nice planet, only one we have got, invest green.

Invest Green Inc. has, since 2000, published ‘the world’s largest list of environmentally active stock market listed companies’. Initial influences were (and still are) the UN led effort to address environmental issues – Kyoto Accord efforts in Rio in 1992, and Kyosei, a business and life concept put forward by Dr. Ryuzaburo Kaku in 1988 while chairman of Canon Inc. Our economies are simply based on production and dumping ones waste byproduct in the nearest river, and not on the overall picture of production, conservation, and the environment. Air pollution, be it SO2, CO2, NOx, mercury or HCFC’s, is similar. Science is now unequivocal in showing that man-made CO2 emissions are causing climate change. Invest Green is a company that is a pioneer in the field of EcoSRI investing. EcoSRI, as an investment strategy, is a subset of SRI that focusses on positive environmental action filters (as compared to regular SRI with negative filters focussed on different social issues).

You will notice that nowhere on this site is there any advice given to buy any particular stock. This is an information site only.

This site is about Triple Bottom Line Investing and the business-environment polarity.

At present Invest Green Inc. is working to expand the services offered to service the market for independent 3rd party verification services for green bonds via IG Verifier [IG = Investment Grade]. Issuers, Underwriters, and Investors are welcome and invited to contact me.

Where the money goes, there goes the world.

  • Interesting article: Climate Change Is the Next $10 Trillion Opportunity-by Jigar Shah, July 2013

    Invest Green Inc. has been recognized with the National Energy Globe Award Canada for 2013 for this website project, the world's largest online platform for eco-friendly investments.